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Fudan University Teacher Xiong Hao an
Time:2020-09-02 17:56 Click: second

On April 16, international students from the LLM program in Chinese Business law, Fudan University, led by their teacher Mr. Xiong Hao, visited Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm. The students exchanged with Yingdong lawyers on hot topics in practicing the Chinese law and how foreign students can enter and adapt to the legal services market in China.


Wu Jin, partner of Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm, showed the students around. Then, Lawyer Wu Jin introduced the Yinghe’s organization model, brand history, expertise, culture, and key clients. Afterwards, Zhong Jianfeng (senior partner), Ma Jun (partner), and Gao Hengzhi & Ni Chenliu (attorney) shared their opinions on the following four topics, i.e., "how to become a better lawyer", "overview of Shanghai court system" , "how to achieve work-life-balance" and "accelerated development of young lawyers".


In the Q&A session, students asked questions on hot topics of practicing Chinese law and how foreign students can enter and adapt to China's legal services market. Zhou Zihong, managing partner, concluded the discussion and presented a gift to Mr. Xiong Hao from Fudan University Law School. Mr. Xiong Hao expressed his sincere gratitude to Yingdong Law Firm.


This exchange served as a great opportunity for international students to gain more understanding about Chinese legal system and a bridge for mutual learning. Yingdong will also play a more active role in cultivating international legal talents to drive the "Belt and Road" initiative.