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Yingdong Gained WLN Membership
Time:2020-09-02 17:54 Click: second

In March 2019, Warwick Legal Network (WLN) officially announced on its official website that Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm has been granted WLN membership. Prior to this announcement, John van Loo, WLN’s managing director, made a visit to Yingdong and had in-depth discussion on further cooperation, paving the way for Yingdong's participation into WLN. 

As an international group of commercial law firms, since its establishment in 2001, WLN has recruited 49 law firms with ~600 lawyers from 63 cities, 29 countries such as Europe, India, US, Brazil, Argentina and etc.. In 2018, WLN reached a strategic partnership with ASEAN Legal Alliance, extending its coverage to11 Southeast Asian countries. Joining WLN will not only expand our network to Europe and Southeast Asia, but also enlisting us as an international firm by Legal 500.

Shanghai Yingdong Law Firm is the first and only Chinese law firm in WLN so far. John van Loo, Managing Director, expressed his special thanks to Yingdong for joining WLN: "We welcome Yingdong to join WLN, our first member from China, a global leading economy. Yingdong is a highly professional, progressive and fast-growing law firm. We firmly believe that the Yingdong Overseas Legal Affairs Center, under the leadership of Lawyer Chen Min and Wu Jin, will bring fresh energy into WLN and provide high-quality international legal services for all WLN members and their clients. "


Lawyer Wu Jin also made a remark on behalf of Yingdong in response: "Yingdong has professional lawyers who are proficient in English, Japanese and Korean. Joining WLN will help Yingdong establish stronger connections with law firms around the world, enabling us to expand our global reach. We believe that, with WLN's strong international network and our domestic presence, we can provide clients with not only professional legal services, but also international vision, information and connections. "


At the Milan WLN meeting, Chen Min and Wu Jin from Yingdong Overseas Affairs Center discussed with WLN’s board of directors on the idea of establishing a China-Europe legal exchange platform, to facilitate further cooperation on environmental protection, data protection, and sustainable development, cross-border investment, dispute resolution and etc.